See I told you…

You are much happier without me heh…

I wish you knew what you wanted. In the end, I wanted you.

You cut me deeper than any razor that had cut through my skin.

I am a tool. I mean absolutely nothing to anyone. I’m just someone’s fun and games. And the crazy thing… I let it happen.

Album Art

My mind is put in a trance whenever I hear Tori Kelly’s voice.

ArtistProfessor Green
TitleLullaby (Ft. Tori Kelly)
I love my Marvel graphic.

I love my Marvel graphic.

Board games anyone?

Board games anyone?

My affection towards everyone is not as great as it was before…


You know?

I’ve been abandon by those who carve words onto my head such as “I’ll always be here whenever you need me” OR “things will never be the same without you.”

Those words should be carved onto my heart instead. Those words should be filled with meaning and reassurance. Those words should not be said without hesitation. Those words should shed some light in the most darkest of rooms. Those words should be more than just words.

And now those words are collecting dust. And now you can’t even say “hi”

"Where were you when I needed you. By the looks of it, it seems like you’re better off without me."